Floor plans provide the information people are looking for.

Sometimes you can’t get back to a space to take those crucial measurements.
That is why we provide Measurement tools and Advanced measurements for enhanced functionality within the floor plans.
These features allow you to go DIRECTLY into the floor plan or 3D and measure the space.

In today’s competitive market, property listings need to continually stand out from the rest; and showcasing professional and detailed floor plans can make all the difference.

Home buyers prefer to see floor plans for every property listing, but did you know that they also help to extend your service offerings in other ways? Consider gifting the floor plans to the home buyers and sellers in several different formats for:

• Planning the furniture placement prior to moving in

• Sharing with a contractor for renovations or repairs

• Documentation to aid in any future insurance claims

• Their investment records and to share with the bank for future financing


• A keepsake to the home seller of their previous home

Choose between Standard and Premium

All iGUIDE floor plans are colour-coded, provide laser-accurate room dimensions, and bridge the gap between memory and a true 2D rendering of built space.

We have two different types of floor plans to meet your required level of detail:


Standard Floor Plan

Standard provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout.


Premium Floor Plan

Premium includes even more details such as appliances and fixtures along with Interactive VR functionality.

This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way.

Floor Plans 1

Accurate Floor Plans

We know the importance of accurate floor plans and the value they have on a listing. Floor plans provide an understanding of how a space will work.

They quickly convey how the home flows, showing room sizes, which way doors swing, and storage space. Viewers gain an appreciation of where windows are and how the light will brighten a home that may not be immediately apparent from just still photos or a video.

Every report comes with a floor plan with both ONLINE and PRINTABLE (JPG, PDF, DXF) formats to drive engagement and increase shareability.

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

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better planning, and easier navigation

Access to property information benefits everyone.

Faster decision-making, better planning, and easier navigation are the results.

Virtual 3D tours include accurate floor plans, 360° images, room dimensions, photos, and more to make this happen.

Andrea is using the iGUIDE 3D camera to capture data which is then processed by the Drafting Team to create reports that are shared and experienced online.

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Floor Plans
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Our floor plans do more! Measure in 3D space!

Sometimes you can’t get back to a space to take those crucial measurements.

That’s why we created the Measurement Tool and Advanced Measurements for enhanced functionality within the floor plans.

These features allow you to go directly into the floor plan or 3D tour and measure the space.

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